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Rainbow Brite and her Sprite Couple Costume

Do you remember Rainbow Brite and her Sprite? My sister was dazzled with enchantment with the vintage 1980’s  animation and the dolls that came with it. I remember her at 5 years old wanting the doll so bad when she tried to convince my parents in her sweetest, kindest, 5 year old voice ” I need that doll!” Needless to say, she did get a Rainbow Brite doll for Christmas that year along with the little white sprite. She added on to her collection in the years to come with the dolls and different colored fluffy sprites. Now a mother of five kids , she was delighted to be able to make a Halloween costume of her favorite childhood character. It wasn’t hard to convince her daughter and niece that this would be their costume for the festive celebration of All Hallow’s Eve. She showed them the dolls and they were just as excited as she was. It so happened that her daughter was 5 years old, so it made the costumes more special. Since her daughter was the smaller of the two, she was Twink, the white sprite and our niece, aged seven, was Rainbow Brite. She started with Rainbow Brite’s costume. She shopped at the thrift stores until she found an old blue woman’s size shirt that was shiny. She sewed on white fabric at the hem. She took an old long sleeve shirt and sewed different colors of felt on the sleeves. She took some red fabric to make the belt and connected two straps and sewed it to the dress. The yellow stars, collar and rainbow were made out of foam sheets where she used fabric glue to glue in place. She took an old pair of rain-boots and with a hot glue gun in hand she used and glued different colored felt  strips and carefully bonded each strip color to color so each boot matched. A yellow star completed the boot. She used yellow spray in her hair and painted Rainbow Brite’s signature star on her cheek. This costume took three days due to sewing by hand. Sprite only took a few hours to make, because by this time she was a pro! She found some white shaggy fabric that was on clearance. She is the biggest bargain shopper, so she makes sure to find the least expensive way to make her costumes. She folded it in half and cut a hole for the face and sewed down the sides, leaving room for the arms. With some leftover red fabric, she sewed two arms and made the bottom into mittens. She used an old pair of shorts and began sewing strip by strip different colored felt down to her ankles. She cut four stars with a stem out of felt and sewed two together to make the antennae. She was having trouble making them stand up straight. She took a break and took a sip of her soda from the straw, thinking. Then as she slowly took another drink she thought “the straw!”. She took a straw and cut it in half and stuck them in the stem and sewed it to the top of the head. They stuck straight up just how she wanted. She fetched a pair of her daughters old shoes and hot glued red felt to them. She added a red nose and her little sprite was complete. She was thrilled when they won the city wide costume contest for “cutest” costume for their age group!

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