Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter Couple Costume

This is my daughter and  i am the queen of hearts and she is the mad hatter, i bought a blk dress and put red felt hearts on it, iglued red ribbon on the sleeves and i had a gray granny wig i sprayed red with red hair paint and glued red hearts on a tiera and put gold glitter glue on it too, my socks are blk and white diamonds with red hearts and little blk boots. to make the dress puff out i sewed toole on a pair of leggins and wore under the dress

The Mad Hatter:

we made the hat with card board and fabric bought a got the shirt from 99cent store and wore and scarf of different pattern, made the belt with small spools of thread , had brown ankle boots , 2 different socks  we did all our makeup at 5am in the morning 3 red curly wigs under the hat and red crly eye browls made from the wig.

we got plenty of compliments form my grnaddaughters school, and everywhere we went it was so much fun can\’t wait til next year.

thank you for reading and looking

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