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Prize-Winning Walking Skeleton in Coffin DIY Costume

This is Michael in 2nd grade, he was 7 yrs. old at the time. We gathered cardboard and I cut and shaped it to his size using the ideal  of an old fashioned coffin. Once all the pieces of the coffin were cut, they were painted black.  1  can of black spray paint and clear 2′ cellophane tape to hold all the pieces in place. On the day of Halloween we dressed him in a skeleton shirt and gloves and a  hat. His mom completed the look with a skeleton face, she used  white based makeup with black makeup stick

We also draped the coffin with spiderwebs and a few spiders. Needless to say he won!. The funny part of the costume was his mom didn’t cut the feet part of the coffin high enough  to  let him to take longer steps, so he had to walk taking smaller step’s….it was  especially funny, because he had to walk to school, and then in the parade.

HALLOWEEN at our house is always a lot of fun because it brings out all our creativity. In summer were already brainstorming for the next project. Michael has won 4 years in a row.

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