It all starts with my competitive nature…lol. I love Halloween the costumes, decorations, CANDY!!!

I have 4 children, 3 daughters, 20, 19, & 17 and a son 7. I have NEVER bought a costume for any of them EVER!  I despise losing a costume judging contest to a bought costume or a thrown together not thought of costume! I like to see people’s creativity…makes me smile!  I start thinking about Halloween before school starts. I like to see the kids faces when we walk in with our costumes…I love to do something different.

Lego Pirate was something that my son liked…he loves Lego so, I thought he should be one. The hat is cardboard, the head is made of rings of polystyrene covered in painted poster board. I made the body out of cardboard, covered it in poster board and painted it with acrylic paint and sealed it with a spray sealer. The hook, hand and the sword are also made from polystyrene. My husband and I made a foam cutter from a guitar wire and a battery charger ( found the idea on the internet). I actually attempted to make the head from polystyrene, UGH….wasn’t happening!

After 2 hours I ended up kicking that across the room…picked up a piece of cardboard and whipped that sucker out in 15 minutes. Thank God for a hot glue gun!! The legs are cardboard with foam inside. Unfortunately it was not easy to walk in, so…trick or treat…off with the legs! We had a blast! He got first place for Best individual!  WOO HOO!