I made these prettiest Peacocks for the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival this year. We got the tops from American Apparel and everything else from a craft store. It’s easy, but a bit time consuming because we made our tutus, too. Glue flamingo features to the top. Get different shades of blue, purple, brown and green for the shirt. Cut into strips and tie each piece to a ribbon for the tutu (there’s tons of info online for making tutus).

I then hot glued peacock features all over the shirt. Once the tutu was all done, hot glue the long peacock features to the back of the tutu in a fan shape. I also got little hair clips and glued one feature on the hair clip for a little something extra. It was warm here in LA, so we just wore yoga shorts under our skirts with sandals. We got tons of compliments and everyone loved it!