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Coolest Homemade Predator Costume

The Predator costume idea was from the movie. I thought it would be a cool costume to make. I started by carving the head piece, body armor and weapons piece by piece out of water based clay. Once I had one of the pieces finished the next step is to spray the piece with crystal clear (from Home Depot). the crystal clear helps release from the plaster. Next step is plastering the piece out of ultra-cal 30 (bought online). I had to plaster one side at a time to capture the detail. Once the plaster dries you can pull the two plaster pieces apart and take out the clay from both sides. Once the clay is out you can see all the detail the plaster picked up.

Then I put the two pieces of dried plaster back together with mold straps to hold it tight. Now it is ready for latex. Then I filled the molds with latex (RD-407 bought online). Pour latex in the mold and slush it around. if I saw air bubbles I sprayed them with water from a spray bottle. Pour the left over latex back into your bucket. I waited 15 minutes and poured a second layer in the mold. Repeat same process. It must dry at least one day (varies on temperature).

From there pull latex out of mold and ready for trimming the edges and painting. I airbrushed the body, head piece, armor and weapons with a 1:1 ratio of latex liquitex acrylic (bought from any craft store); I used a paaschee “H” set airbrush kit external mix. Once all the painting was done I dry fitted the costume on and contact cemented zippers on the side of the body for an easier fit and one in the back of the mask because it was to tight to fit on without a zipper.

Homemade Predator Costume

Once everything was fitted I finished off by buying yellow and red contacts. I wanted to make my own Predator costume because it would fit me perfectly and would be custom. It took me almost two months to make.

Total Spent: $300

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