I made this costume using 100 percent recycled parts. We are talking  foam pillows. Sport shields knee pads shower hose, game console parts  took 3 months to glue paint air brush and tape all made by hand. Many sleepless nights started with a base of black fabric then cut and shaped forty pieces of foam then painted by hand and hot glued them on the black suit I then used duct tape on fabric on my body to make an under armor to thicken the suit. I hand crafted the boots and added detail with strobe lists.

The best part for me was the outcome people made lines too take a photo. They were happy to see me and shared lots of good times.

The funniest. Part was me hanging out at McDonald’s hardest part was keeping it all together being able to breathe and keep calm I sweated so much It will take a while to replenish much fluids lol.

The best part about this is that all the parts were taken from thrift stores and bins they were trash headed for land fills I was able to take all this and transform it  to my child hood hero. I have always loved to create and paint build and dream. This halloween I was able to surpass all my costumes set a new standard and live out my creation.

I have always wanted to to pay tribute to the 80s movies this was my way to share it with the world being able to see trash and say I see more or if you put this here or glue that here it will look like this. Imagination  is the key element in  adding life to this costume some people spend a fortune buying a costume I just make it from hand.