Coolest Homemade Family Costume 1980’s Movie Characters

Coolest Homemade Family Costume 1980's Movie Characters

Indiana Jones Hat, lasso, treat bag, explorer shirt – check (these are all items that can be purchased at any Halloween or Party store). But the jacket, THE JACKET. I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase the jacket that came with those items. It was made out of plastic. So, I set out online in … Read more

Coolest Purple Rain Costume

Coolest Purple Rain Costume

My friend wanted her son to be Prince for Halloween and asked me to come up with something for her. I went to the Salvation Army army and found a pair of purple XL PJ pants made from velvet that were perfect for the jacket! I went home and cut it up and hot glued … Read more

Hulk and Macho Man WWF Tag Team Costume for Twin Boys

Best Tag Team in History

These are our twin boys. Rowdy, active, typical boys. They are always wrestling with each out and since my husband and I are children of the 80s and 90s, what better costume for our boys. We watched some old school WWF WrestleManias with them and they picked to be Hulk and Macho Man for Halloween … Read more

Cool DIY Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Look-A-Like Costume

The BEST Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Look-A-Like

Whew, where do I start with describing this Janet Jackson costume? I could not find a jacket for starters, so I decided to go thrifting and BINGO I found the perfect jacket. I started by finding the logo online and printing it out in different sizes and cut it (for my hat, earring, jacket, and … Read more

Cool Homemade KISS Simmons and the Star Child Couple Costume

Cool Homemade KISS Simmons and the Star Child Couple Costume

My boyfriend had mentioned that it would be super fun to dress with me him and my two eleven year-old twins. My kids refused but I thought about it and about a week before Halloween we contacted my best friend and her boyfriend because the four of us can fit the part. We’re rock stars … Read more

Awesome DIY Teen Wolf Costume

This is Bryan. He’s a huge Michael J. Fox fan. And the number 42 was also his basketball number back in high school. Additionally, he has a serious “man beard” and didn’t want to shave for an 80s themed b-day/Halloween party. Turns out there are not many guys from the 80s with a huge beard. … Read more

Awesome DIY Rainbow Brite and Sprite Costumes

rainbow brite and sprite costumes

Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. My best friend and I decided to make her and her pet sprite, Twink. So we spent the last month figuring out how to make and making these fun and colorful costumes. Here are some of the details on how we put these bright … Read more

Predator Costume Made of Recycled Parts

Predator Costume Made of Recycled Parts

I made this costume using 100 percent recycled parts. We are talking  foam pillows. Sport shields knee pads shower hose, game console parts  took 3 months to glue paint air brush and tape all made by hand. Many sleepless nights started with a base of black fabric then cut and shaped forty pieces of foam … Read more

Cutest 80’s Workout Girls Couple Costume for Toddlers

Cutest 80's Workout Girls Couple Costume for Toddlers

My best friend and I knew that we wanted our little girls to have coordinating costumes that were cute, funny AND unique for our church’s Trunk or Treat event for Halloween 2014. After many discussions, we finally decided on 80’s exercise girls. We both found old swimsuits, bought the white tights at Walmart to go … Read more

Most Outrageous Michael Jackson Mask and Thriller Costume EVER!

Most Outrageous Michael Jackson Mask and Thriller Costume EVER!

I’ve been wanting to make a Michael Jackson costume for a while now, mainly because of the Thriller jacket (Who didn’t want to own one back in the day?!), so I finally tackled it this year! I started off with a quick sketch of Michael to get his proportions correct. Started the sculpting process until … Read more