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Practically Perfect Couple Halloween Costume: Mary Poppins and Bert

My hubby and I were invited to a Halloween party and we wanted to go as a couple, without spending much money, and we wanted something that would be comfortable to wear for an evening….so after hours of perusing websites, we decided upon a perfect couple Halloween costume: Mary Poppins and Bert.

Mary Poppins was fairly easy to pull together and even better! It was under $10 to make! I hit the local Good Will nearby us, found a white blouse for $3, and a black skirt for $3. I stopped at Michael’s, and with a coupon picked up 2 yards of red ribbon (for the bow and the red belt) for under $2, and a bouquet of fake flowers for the hat. I already had black shoes, black stockings, black handbag, umbrella (not shown in pic) and found a cowboy hat in my kids’ bin of play items. Phew! I hot glue gunned the flowers to the hat (which I trimmed to look less cowboy and more Poppins). I glue gunned the ribbon to the skirt and  fashioned the bow and pinned to the blouse. Done! I bobby-pinned my hair up, applied make-up and was ready to go!  Our 8 year old daughter even packed my purse with a tape measure, a hand mirror, and a spoon to help the medicine go down!

Bert was even easier to pull together! Ready? Hubby had all but 2 items already in his closet. Black pants, dark green shirt, gray sweater vest. I found the red scarf on my Good Will excursion for $.99. He purchased suspenders for $12 at a local store  (Good Will was out of them, the sales person told me that suspenders were popular this time of year for costumes).  So buy yours early! He made the chimney sweep out of an old broom handle, some styrofoam we already had, and black construction paper. He sprayed the whole thing black and was ready to go as soon as it was dried. Once he was dressed, I smeared some dark gray/black eye shadow on his face and we all set!

This costume was super easy to make, and inexpensive. It was also super fun for our elementary ages kids to see, as they don’t often see either of dress up! And I liked that some of the money we spent, went to a good cause at Good Will.

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