Coolest Poison Ivy and The Joker Couple Costume

First of all making the Poison Ivy costume wasn’t hard BUT finding a durable bodice was very tricky. This is a costume that you definitely have to start looking for all the supplies a month in advance and start creating maybe two weeks before Halloween. I was silly and starting buying everything a week before and ended up taking about 12-14 hours the night before Halloween to make because of trial and error mistakes.

1.) To make the costume durable and warm you first want to find a bodice, something that is binding and not very “stretchy”. I found mine at Daffy’s in the lingerie dept. (LOL). I also wore a waist band (the kind you wear around your stomach at the gym) under the bodice because they hold body heat.

2.) Next you need TONS of leaves but you want to mix them up a bit so I just went to the Dollar store and bought A LOT of those fake plants because I tried many different patterns before I actually bound them to the bodice

After that everything else is pretty easy… you just need GREEN TIGHTS, GLOVES, a RED or ORANGE WIG, and A GREEN CAPE.

I also glued leaves over my eyebrows and I had some orange boots already. I bought fabric and took it to the cleaners and had them sew it into the shape I wanted and then I sewed clasps on it to keep it closed around the neck.

Here’s the catch and the hardest part of the costume, fabric glue DOES NOT work so you literally have to sew the leaves onto the bodice. The only problem is, once you try and put it on some of the leaves (or many depending on how you sew it) will fall off and you will need to sew the leaves on while you are wearing the costume. I suggest using the bathroom before hand.

When I did this I really messed up because the bottom of my bodice had snaps between the legs. I thought this was great because I could easily use the bathroom. Well I was WRONG, my boyfriend sewed a huge leaf right over the snaps and I couldn’t use the bathroom all night!! So PLEASE be sure not to sew any leaves between your legs. (hehe). If you cant find green tights and white and dye them. I dyed my tights and gloves because they weren’t dark enough for me. I also wore two pairs of tights to keep warm.

For the Joker, I ordered the mask online and we purchased a purple suit and white gloves from a men’s store in Brooklyn. That costume was SUPER simple and yet people were very scared of the face.

These costumes were so much fun because people were stopping us on the street and taking pictures with us for their families and kids. I was in NYC and let me tell you, I couldn’t make it down the street without being stopped literally every 2 minutes as people were so intrigued with the costumes.

This was literally the best Halloween ever.


First of all making the Poison Ivy costume wasn't hard BUT finding a durable bodice was very tricky. This is a costume that you definitely have to

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