Beautiful Poison Ivy Costume Idea

I searched the web for online Halloween costumes and came across this Poison Ivy costume. Working for Disney gave me access to several costume pieces that helped pull this together.

The Little Mermaid Hair

I used a “Little Mermaid” wig with fake ivy leaves that I bought in bunches, painted with gold paint and spray glitter and twisted into the hair that I styled.

Face Decoration

Crayola molding foam made into leaves for my eyes painted with fabric paint and “spirit gummed” to my face (ouch).

Styling the Bodice

I sewed a black bustier inside a green leotard which I made strapless. This was the challenge, the leaves. More bunches of ivy that I cut into single leaves painted and sprayed with gold and glitter, hand sewn onto the leotard. Since I couldn’t sew them on while I was wearing it I used my bathroom trash can and put the leotard on it so I could make sure to get the full leaf coverage.

Finishing Touches

For the gloves and tights I found at a clearance sale DKNY tights in this Ivy green that was perfect! The gloves I cut into “mitts” and sewed tiny ivy leaves on. The boots were black suede left over from the “Barbie Show” that I spray painted green. Unfortunately, I ruined the boots for good but they looked great. And, really, isn’t that the most important thing?!

The Awesome Outcome

All in all it turned out perfect and was the hit of the costume contest! It took easily a month because of sewing the leaves on but creating this Poison Ivy costume was worth every minute!

Total Spent: $50

The ideas on this site are awesome! Here’s another really cool and sexy one.

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