Holy schnikes, Batman, it’s Halloween!

I LOVE BATMAN! And I love Halloween! So on one Halloween decided that for next Halloween there would be no better costume than to represent my favorite of the femme fatal of Gotham City, Pamela Isley, otherwise known as the seductive villain, Poison Ivy: a lover, not a fighter.

Many leotards and bathing suits were sent up to college to me from my mom. I found the perfect one in the bunch which was a strapless patterned bathing suit of my mom’s from the 70’s. Working over a pattern was going to be hard. In addition to the suit, every artificial leaf my mom could possibly find in our basement was sent to me as well as a pair of green Goodwill gloves, green tights, a can of red hairspray, and roughly a million safety pins.

With the intention of possibly using the bathing suit again, I did not want to sew or hot glue the leaves to the suit. That’s where the safety pins came in. I set myself up on the floor of my dorm room and laid out the leaves in the patter I wanted. I proceeded to give myself long-lasting blisters by individually pinning each leaf in the perfect spot so that the all of the black of the suit and gold pattern was covered in synthetic leaves. I was starting to run out of time, patience, leaves and pins and was worried I wouldn’t have enough for the back but I pushed on and used the bigger leaves to cover the back. No one will see it anyway right? I did have a few extra to pin on the gloves as well.

On the night I would debut the costume, I curled and sprayed my hair red, bobby-pinned leaves in my hair, put on my tights, painted my eyes green, glided on that poisonous red lipstick, and tried to stand as still as possible out of fear of shedding a leaf and the fact that the massive amounts of safety pins were digging into my skin. Worth it. I got many compliments and a few other Ivy’s put to shame.

It was a great night with a successful costume. I can’t wait to revive it one day after fixing it up. I don’t think we will use that bathing suit again now so maybe next time some glue and thread is in order.