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Pixar’s UP Themed DIY Costumes

Here are our Pixar Up costumes:

For Kevin we cut out individual feathers (about 300 of them) out of felt and glued them to a structure that we carved out of floral cones. We then fit the cone through the hood of a sweatshirt allowing it to stand straight up. Then we covered the sweatshirt with more hand cut feathers.

Carl was pretty simply. A goodwill bought suit, a goodwill cane, and then fashioned a wig, cut out some eyebrows out of a fury fabric, then bought some balloons. Perfect.

For Russell the shirt and shorts were purchased but all of the patches were handmade using circle felt furniture casters, then we took and printed out all of the logos on semi-transparent sticker paper. The hat had to be painted, and everything from the flag to the logo on the hat had to be created using cut out felt.

Pixar's UP Themed DIY Costumes

Pixar's UP Themed DIY Costumes

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