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Coolest 55+ Homemade Disney “Up” Costumes

Get lifted out of your everyday routine with this collection homemade costumes. Inspired by the film, these Up Costumes are a beautiful tribute to the touching movie. So, check out the awesome DIY costumes as beloved as the film itself.

Looking to get your last merit badge? Learn to create these DIY costumes for the Wilderness Explorer inside of you.

For the coolest Carl Fredricksen costumes, take a look below. Dress up as Carl alone or as part of his house. The DIY costumes here creatively combine the man with his aerodynamic home. Design your own after seeing what other people have done.

In addition, you will see many group costume ideas. Don’t miss the fun homemade costumes here for your group of friends or family.




So, grab some helium balloons and cast your eyes to the sky for the best DIY costume adventure!

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