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Bonding with Grandpa: Homemade Up Couple Costume

This year we got the family involved in the costume making fun. Creating Russell’s costume was a bit more painstakingly tiresome than rummaging through my grandfather’s closet to find brown slacks, but hand painting each badge was worth it in the end.

The sash was cut and sewn out of brown fabric found at a thrift shop and the Wilderness Explorer emblem on the yellow hat was cut and pieced together by hot glue.

There is a saying that in show business, the hardest subjects to work with are children and dogs…. well add balloons to that list. MAN, those pieces of rubber have a mind of their own. In the end, it was worth all the hot glue burns and the balloon wrangling because I got to bond with my grandpa and made kids smile and scream, “UP!! Hi there, my name is…”

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