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Cute Couple Costume: Kevin and Russell from Disney Pixar’s Up

Before I get started on this, let me just say that I cannot sew for the life of me. I have tried several times – astoundingly awful, but I have a real liking for costumes, so I improvised a lot in this, to say the very least.

My friend here in the pictures is not a huge fan of dressing up, but he promised that he would if I made him a costume. The party was Disney themed, and I wanted to do something original, and as much as I love my Cinderella/Prince Charming combinations, I find that it can sometimes be a little bit expected – especially at a teenage party where people are more concerned with having a  ‘crazy night’ than being creative and looking the part. I have always loved the movie Up (makes me cry every time) so I felt like this would be an interesting and effective costume choice.

I started with the feathery skirt. I spoiled myself in a fabric store and bought 10 METRES WORTH OF FEATHER BOAS which may have been a little excessive, but a very enjoyable experience nonetheless. I have a plethora of tutus from my many years dancing, so I selected a small, soft-tulled one and set to work cutting the feather boas and arranging them simply by SAFETY PINNING THEM TO THE SKIRT (I can’t sew, remember?) This did, however satisfy the assembly of the skirt. That was the main element of my Kevin costume, so I went on to adding a few embellishments such as the beaks and head piece. WORDS OF ADVICE: DON’T EVER COMBINE FEATHERS, GLITTER AND GLUE UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE A SPARKLY BIRD FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.

The Russell costume was significantly easier, perhaps just with more details. I again pinned the sash together but I found an adhesive felt which was incredibly convenient. I cut out 72 individual ‘badges’ to stick on which was, I’m afraid to say, very monotonous and difficult to sit through, but I persevered and got it done eventually. I did not want to finish with a half-hearted effort, so I made sure to include details like logos and the badge, which was my Goofy’s Kitchen pin from Disneyland that I covered in paper. I could not find a yellow hat at all, so I had to resort to painting my old Subway work hat yellow and attaching the emblem. After almost three weeks, I finally had a completed look that I was happy with.

We left the reveal of the characters we were recreating a surprise right up until our arrival at the party. I was concerned that I had talked these costumes up too much leading to the day, but thankfully enough, we didn’t disappoint. It was far from what people had expected and everyone loved them. I was so proud, even if I did say so myself (keeping in mind that I am a disaster with a needle and thread, this was a huge accomplishment for me!). Honestly, if I put as much time and effort into my schoolwork as I put into this costume, I would be the best student ever.

Unfortunately, I did manage to leave a trail of feathers behind me, everywhere. I hadn’t quite realised that feathers were dastardly little things and they go EVERYWHERE. A month and a half on from wearing these costumes, I am still finding feathers. The other day I made the mistake of disassembling the skirt while sitting in bed – so many regrets, you have no idea. A week or two ago I was driving my sister and she opened the glove box and a surprisingly large amount of brightly coloured feathers promptly flew out of the car. Needless to say, my poor mother has banned any further bird costumes.

This somehow remains one of the best things I have ever done. It was so much fun just watching something turn from an idea into a creation before you. I can’t wait to try more costumes in the future (and maybe even learn how to sew!)

And remember: “ADVERNTURE IS OUT THERE!” (cacaw cacaw roar)


Cute Couple Costume: Kevin and Russell from Disney Pixar's Up

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