For our high school’s annual spirit day dress up, one of my best friends and I decided to put together a couple costume but had a hard time thinking of something that could be prepared within three days. We then decided to dress up as characters in UP, since most parts of the costume can be found straight at home, making it a cheap and convenient choice. He was the old grandpa (not pictured) and had a big gray suit on with thick rimmed glasses, which was pretty straightforward and we didn’t have to worry much about it.

For Russell’s costume, I first found an old yellow polo tee I used to wear in elementary school and fastened on my best friend’s big khaki shorts with a double holed belt (that looks sort of military-ish, boy scouts-ish). I had to make sure the shirt was still somewhat loose on me so it would look more child-like. We then went to the fabric store and got large squares of think dark brown fabric. I cut them into three long pieces that would later be sewn together as Russell’s badge collector he wears on his shoulder.

Instead of putting on pins and insignia, which are expensive and hard to find in large batches in our local stationary shop, I simply stuck on a bunch of smiley foam stickers in their place and it turned out pretty well! Russell’s bandana’s pretty easy to make: I just got an old red cloth and tied it around. For finishing touches, I added a camping backpack and a denim cap. The best part of the costume was getting the helium balloons, since they are quite expensive in Taiwan. We made sure to pick bright colors to fit the theme of UP. Lastly, we added hiking boots and long socks to complete the picture.