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“Piece of Meat” Provocative Women’s Halloween Costume

For Halloween last year I was “A Piece of Meat”. The inspiration came from the fact that college age/20 something women (which I am) always dress provocatively on Halloween. I wasn’t in the best shape last year and was really self conscious about a skimpy costume, but I still wanted something that would suggest sexy, highlight my best “assets” (pun intended) and get attention!

I bought a large plain cotton t shirt/night gown that would be long enough to make into a dress. I sewed the sides so it would be form fitting. Next I outlined my body parts in dotted lines to replicate a “cow meat chart”. I then labeled each part appropriately “rack” “rib” “shank” “thigh” “rump” “loins” etc. with self printed iron on words.

To accessorize and add depth to the pun, I made bacon earrings out of polymer clay and a meat cleaver necklace out of a Dollar store spatula and a bit of wood in my garage (sewed off and hot glued together). I wore my hair in pig tails to further the pun.

Obviously people had no idea what I was at first and I had to explain myself constantly… but as soon as I said “I’m a Piece of Meat” I got GREAT reactions. Everyone wanted to get a closer look at the costume and were blown away when I said I made the dress, jewelry etc. People asked to take pictures everywhere I went.

Strangers loved the fact I was brazen to walk around with my body parts circled and the words “Rack” and “Rump” written on my assets. They were even more impressed with my creativity and craftiness! Needless to say I met a TON of new people that night!!

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