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Hilarious Lost Kitty Costume

Here’s my Lost Kitty Costume – I love a good costume that you can buy from Goodwill!

I purchased a nightgown, robe and cane from Goodwill.

To give my backside some shape, I took some pantyhose and stuffed them. I tied the legs off and used them to tie around my waist and made myself a very big rump!

I found a stuffed cat and sewed the kitty to the rump.

To complete my costume, I needed accessories. I added slippers, a wig (bought from Walmart), and made myself a “Lost kitty sign” which I attached to both sides of my cane.

I was happy to give people a good laugh as I passed them by.

The whole costume took less then a hour, cost about $25 and was the first place winner at a Boo Bash!

Anyone seen Mr Whiskers?

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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