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Coolest Homemade Lost Puppy Costume

I saw this costume for sale on the internet and thought I can do better then that and make my own Homemade Lost Puppy Costume. I did purchase quite a few of the items but all were clearanced out or from a thrift store.

I sewed the breast inserts and fat suit out of an old sheet and stuffed them till no more stuffing would go in. I then used an old belt and attached it to the fat suit so that I could tie it in place around my waist. I sewed the breasts to the house dress that I found on clearance at a discount store. I then put curls in and then put baby powder in my hair to make it look gray. I used old jewelry and glasses.

I exaggerated my makeup by using bright read lipstick, blue eyeshadow and using a little brown eyeliner in my already laugh lines and wrinkles to age myself a bit. I wore knee high stocking and slippers. Then I attached the puppy in the back just using safety pins. The puppy sign I made out of cardboard and a paint stick. I took pictures and then printed the pics of the puppy on my printer at home.

I love trying to come up with a costume people would think of me wearing, that is the best part of Halloween.

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