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Coolest Homemade Water Fountain Costume

I always make my own kids costumes. This year I made a water fountain. You will need: two big cardboard boxes, hot glue, fishing string, light blue spray paint, four small wooden rods, grey spray paint, knee high sock (grey color), birthday center piece, dimes, nickels and pennies and scissors.

We took two large boxes and cut out two circle shapes, one medium and one large, rolled up the ends to look like bowls then we attached four small wooden rods at the bottom of the medium circle and on top of the large one for support. We spray painted this all grey and let dry and it took a second coating. We cut out two large holes in both bowls to make her fit in it.

Then we took hot glue and took some fishing lines and applied so it looked like rain drops running down the fishing lines (for the running water effect). We attached all the lines around the two bowls from top to bottom them took hot glue and just put inside top and bottom bowls and then spray painted it light blue to give it a water effect then glued pennies nickels and dimes in both bowls. We took the knee high stocking and cut a small hole in top and added hot glue and birthday center piece to give her a water fountain look on top also. Then we cut out a bigger hole in knee high stocking to fit over her face.

We wanted a unique costume for her and we had a water fountain in the front room so we decided to try and do this and this is what we came up with for this year. It took about five hours to do and took two people for this project. Hope you like it and helps someone out there for an idea for kids costumes. We thought it turned out great and cute.

Total Spent: $8

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