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Coolest Abe Lincoln Penny for Your Thoughts Costume

I am a huge Abe Lincoln fan, but I wanted a different spin on dressing up as him (especially because I don’t particularly like girls dressed as guys). I decided to go as a penny. Not Inspector Gadgets niece Penny, no no, head to toe copper penny!

I went to the thrift store to find the cheapest blazer I could find, the hardware store to bוy two cans of Copper color spray paint. And the art store for some foam boards. I happened to have a fake beard with I painted copper. I sprayed every inch of the blazer copper and hung to dry.

I used three giant foam boards, the first two I used the old fashion pencil and string technique to draw a giant circle three times larger then my body. I had to tape the foam board together. In person the seams were hard to see, but the flashes from the camera picked up every tape line so make sure you are concealing your tape and/or taping the whole thing so it doesn’t stand out. I also wish I would have put more effort into the undershirt .

With the third board I cut out the Lincoln monument, the year, “United States of America” and every other detail on a penny, you can find one of these on the street, also they are very cheap to acquire. I hot glued all detail onto the foam board and sprayed copper.

I hot glued the foam board to the blazer but if I had more time and after wearing it, I think it would be better to tie (like  a button) the foam and blazer together. Once it was together I hit it once more with copper to make sure it was fully covered.

I spray painted my hair and hands with the spray paint and used tons of bronzer on  my face. I used “L’Oreal hip high intensity pigments: tenacious” it worked liked a dream and is skin safe, unlike the spray paint I used on my hands.

The BEST PART is when I went into the parties, I acted very diplomatic and shook everyone’s hand leaving behind pennies (the same way you would slip cash to a drug dealer, or “makin’ it rain”). The host said she found about 3.00 dollars in pennies the next day, I told her I wish I got paid for cleaning up my parties.

This is one of the best and most fun costumes and spent less then $20.00.



I am a huge Abe Lincoln fan, but I wanted a different spin on dressing up as him (especially because I don't particularly like girls dressed as guys

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