I chose to be a wind-up toy robot. This homemade wind up toy robot costume is mostly duct-tape and spray paint.

I purchased a boots and short dress from good-will to cover with duct-tape. I taped on a small toy shield to my stomach and flexible neon cones on my chest. My ears are covered with solo cup ends attached to a headband. I also cut out a key from foam-board and with duct-tape, attached it to a belt. The total costume used about ¾ a roll of the tape and 3 cans of spray paint.

The fabric absorbed a lot of the paint, which was difficult, and the duct-tape began to flake off paint every time it flexed (I left copper flecks everywhere)… Had I chosen to be a gold or silver robot, it would have been SO much easier, but copper is my favorite.

The makeup was difficult too because of my choice of copper. I could not find copper body paint anywhere, online or in town. I used orange and silver mixed together and finished everything off with gold hair spray, bonus it helped keep the makeup from coming off.