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Inexpensive Homemade Costume Idea: Penny Coin

My son Jimmy went as a penny coin.  We cut it out of cardboard and cut a space for his shoulder.  We added a handle on the other side using duct tape and cardboard.  We cut out cardboard letters to say “In God We Trust” and added the year he was born.  We spray painted his shirt and the board copper and we spray painted his beard too.

You just need to do that first and let it dry overnight.  We then painted his face and hair copper.  He looked great.  People loved his idea!  It really is a cheap costume to make if you have cardboard.  All you need is spray paint, face paint and a beard.  The hardest thing to find is copper face paint.  We never did find hair spray so I used the face paint on his hair.  It worked fine.  He really was original and he liked that very much.

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