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Funny Lost Dog Costume

I started with the idea for this lost dog costume through Pinterest. It took me about a year to consider doing it.

Lost Dog Costume Directions

  • I purchased a t-shirt, jogger pants, poster board, a stuffed dog and round pillows.
  • I hot glued the pink poster on my shirt and then hot glued the flyer on the poster.
  • Next, I hot glued the stuffed dDog on the back of my joggers.
  • When it was time to get dressed, I stuffed the pillows in my joggers.

This costume was a true success! My husband was shaking his head and laughing. My mom was laughing uncontrollably. My sister and her kids couldn’t stop laughing.

I took my babies trick or treating downtown and people were looking and laughing.

I was walking around asking people and kids, “Have you seen my dog?” When I turned around they would burst out with laughter.

People were asking to take my picture. They were also telling me how creative my costume was and I just smiled, laughed and said, “thanks!”

After trick or treating, I went to a restaurant. When I walked in the customers and workers laughed so much. One lady in particular could not stop laughing. I tried talking to her, but when she looked at me she would laugh so hard that she couldn’t stop, making me laugh too.

When I wen to fix myself a fountain drink my cousin said a young boy and his dad were sitting eating and noticed me. When they ssaw me from behind, the boy looked at his dad and the dad looked at the boy and then they both burst out with laughter. I laughed even harder. I really made the night of the people I encountered!

Finally, I went home and took that costume off. Those pillows had me sweating so much. It was a struggle to take them off. I had an awesome time with my kids and I wouldn’t change that day for anything. YOLO!

Funny Lost Dog Costume

Funny Lost Dog Costume

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