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Cool Doggy Costume

I was having trouble deciding what to be for Halloween at work this year, so my daughter came up with an idea of an old lady who has lost her dog. I thought “ok, let’s do it.”

We went through the closet and picked out an old lady looking dress, a sweater and some nylons. We cut the legs of the nylons off so we can just use the pants part. We used two pairs and stuffed it with pillow stuffing making two big bum cheeks. We stitched them together and then stitched it to the back of the dress.

We then stitched a stuffed puppy dog to the middle of the bum cheeks. Making it seem like the poor little guy was stuck there. It was a lot of fun doing that part and had a lot of laughs.

We then looked around at thrift stores for a wig and a hat of some sort. We found a brown wig and spray painted it lightly with white spray paint and let it dry. We took our hat and glued ribbon and all sorts of flowers to it. We glued a corsage on the sweater.

We took the legs of our cut off nylons and used them as slouchy stockings and found some old jewellery to top it all off.

The morning of halloween at work, I did my makeup. I used blue eye shadow and put it on right up to my eyebrows, some nice red rouge for my cheeks and bright red lipstick.

Put all my costume on, laughed at myself for a minute, then thought “oh oh how am I going to drive with this on?” As my butt and belly were very big. I ended up having to put the car seat back as far as it would go so I could fit behind the wheel. I had to sit straight upright with no support on my back as the seat was down to the back seat.

I made it to work and found out it wasn’t easy having a big butt with a doggy stuck in the middle. I couldn’t fit between machines, carts etc. Every time I walked the puppies legs would flop.

Everyone laughed when they saw me coming. I made a lot of people smile that day. It was great.

Cool Doggy Costume

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