I decided on a original little white lie costume.  I chose the route of thinking a “Little White Lie” is whimsical and something that spares the feelings of others. I decided to resemble a white, sparkly fairy. I had recently been dumped for another woman, so I took great pleasure in cutting up a wedding dress!

I cut it off short and added feathers, rhinestones and little flowers.  I typed up harmless white lies and printed them onto heavy white paper.  I hot glued the lies onto the dress.  I added white tights, white wig, white heels adorned with rhinestones. I also added wings, tiara, sparkly makeup on my face and carried a wand. We take Halloween serious at my law office. When it was my turn to parade around the room, I had a white box full of pre-printed “lies” that pertained to each of my co-workers.  With a flourish of my wand, I handed everyone their “lie”.

My costume was perfect for me for several reasons:  I got to cut up that awful wedding dress; I got to secretly tell people something I may have wanted to say but could not otherwise; and I was very cute!