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Coolest Bride and Groom Mix Up Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now, and we wanted something really creative for a costume that would suit us as a couple, but would fit within our budget.  As every girl in a relationship does, I dreamed about our wedding, and what I was going to wear, who was going to come, etc. Well, my boyfriend is very patient and understanding when it comes to me telling him about our perfect day, so he decided to make this dream come true… but just for Halloween. His idea was for us to be a bride and groom.

I was so excited and asked my mom about wearing her old wedding dress that I knew she was planning on getting rid of soon.  Unfortunately, someone already had claims on the dress, and I didn’t quite understand who… until one day when my boyfriend surprised me and came out of the bathroom glowing and beautiful in my mom’s wedding dress. I was so shocked and could not believe that it fit him perfectly!!  His idea the entire time was for him to be the bride, and for me to be the groom. He already had permission from my mom to wear her dress.

He brought me his suit and tie from home, along with a hat and wig from the dollar store, and our costume was ready. Once I got used to the idea, we made a wagon that said “just married”. The best part about the entire thing was that a women at one of the houses we visited said she had the exact same wedding dress as my mom!

The Bride and Groom Mix Up couple costume was a huge hit, and it has been our family and friends favorite costume of all time.

Coolest Bride and Groom Mix Up Couple Costume

Coolest Bride and Groom Mix Up Couple Costume

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