We love Bethany Hamilton. She is a positive role model and a true inspiration. My daughter decided to honor her by wearing an original homemade Bethany Hamilton Soul Surfer Teen costume for Halloween. It was a tribute really. Everyone knew who she was even if they couldn’t call her by name. It was fun to watch peoples reaction. At first they would be like “oh, a surfer who got attacked by a shark” and then they would see her arm was missing and say Oh it’s that girl!! It was so much fun and so simple to make.

My daughter wore a rash guard and board shorts and flip flops that she already owned. She put her arm inside her shirt and tucked it behind her back. I took a boogie board that I bought at a garage sale and used a bread knife to cut out a giant shark bite from the side. She attached the leash to her ankle. Lastly, she wet her hair with mousse so it would stay wet looking and off she went. So simple and yet eye catching, fun, and unique.