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Original Girl’s Birthday Gift Costume

Every year our town has a winter carnival event put on by our local fire fighters. Local children and adults create their own costumes and wear them in while skating on the ice in our rink in order to win various prizes. We thought a birthday celebration would be a nice theme for a costume, since the town turns 250 years old in 2012.

Original Girl’s Birthday Gift Costume was pretty simple to make: I took a large cardboard box and cut a hole in the top for my daughter’s head and two holes on the sides for her arms. I then went to our local dollar store and bought a roll of birthday wrapping paper and giant bows. For the wide red ‘ribbon’, I used duct tape. To really set it off, I created a birthday tag on the computer and used a color printer with 8~1/2″ x 11″ paper. On the side of the box, I created a little pocket with duct tape so my daughter could carry party blowouts to pass around. I stuck a giant bow on her hockey helmet and tied helium birthday balloons through the arm hole and head hole.

She won 2nd prize for “Girls Original” category.

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