Original Family Costume Idea: “Party of Five”

Original Family Costume Idea: "Party of Five"

I really wanted to make a cupcake costume, but we also enjoy dressing up together as a family every year. So I started brainstorming about how we could incorporate a cupcake into a theme for all of us, and the “party of 5” concept grew from there. My youngest daughter was the cupcake, my oldest … Read more

Cutest Tiffany & Co. Woman’s Costume

Cutest Tiffany & Co. Woman's Costume

I was a bit last minute with my Halloween costumes this year. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and didn’t have a lot of time (I put this together the day of), so I needed something that could be quick and cheap, but still cute! I have a crazy obsession with Tiffany’s … Read more

Original Girl’s Birthday Gift Costume

Every year our town has a winter carnival event put on by our local fire fighters.   Local children and adults create their own costumes and wea

Every year our town has a winter carnival event put on by our local fire fighters. Local children and adults create their own costumes and wear them in while skating on the ice in our rink in order to win various prizes. We thought a birthday celebration would be a nice theme for a costume, since … Read more

Coolest Gift Box Costume

Our Perfect Present Costume

My four year old daughter, Katie, went as the perfect little present this year for Halloween. I handcrafted a bow for the top of her head using two spools of wired ribbon and then attached it to the top of her head with bobby pins. I drew balloons on her face to match the colorful … Read more

Coolest Homemade Christmas Giftbox Costume

Homemade Christmas Giftbox Costume

Last year around Halloween I needed a costume but was low on cash so I was surfing the internet for ideas when I saw one that I could work with. I was going to be a Homemade Christmas Giftbox Costume, then I decided I could make it with a little spin on it! I just … Read more

Coolest Christmas Present Costume

Homemade Christmas Present Costume 2

I got a box and cut a few holes in it. Also got a couple shoes boxes and cut a hole in the top, which made present shoes. Printed out a label and wrapped it, and put some bows on, and voila. I was even nominated to win best costume! Cost in total about $10 … Read more

Coolest Homemade God’s Gift Box Costume

Homemade God's Gift Box Costume

This Homemade God’s Gift Box Costume was so easy and very funny, well received! I took a cardboard box the size of my son and cut holes for his head and arms. Then I wrapped the package in star wrapping paper. I printed the tag on the computer and got the bow at the dollar … Read more

Coolest DIY Christmas Gift Box Costume Ideas

Homemade DIY Christmas Gift Box Costume Ideas

These DIY Christmas Gift Box Costume Ideas were very easy to come up with. After finding out that our good friend was dressing as Santa Claus we decided we would get creative and dress like his presents! We found several boxes and wrapped them in pretty wrapping paper, attached garland for the straps and each … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gift Box Costume

Homemade Gift Box Costume

I got the idea for this Homemade Gift Box Costume from your website and dressed myself up as a present. I got a box from moving in to my new apartment, cut three squares in it (two on the sides and one on the top) and cut out the bottom. Then I wrapped it in … Read more

Coolest God’s Gift To Women Costume

Homemade God's Gift To Women Costume

Each year, I take my time and come up with something funny or cool; however, this year I procrastinated and was left create a costume in a couple hours. The idea of a present came to mind, because it was easy to make. Unfortunately, a present wasn’t exactly interesting and funny. I decided to slap … Read more