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Coolest Homemade Christmas Giftbox Costume

Last year around Halloween I needed a costume but was low on cash so I was surfing the internet for ideas when I saw one that I could work with. I was going to be a Homemade Christmas Giftbox Costume, then I decided I could make it with a little spin on it!

I just simply got an old box and used some Christmas wrapping paper and cut the bottom flaps off and kept the tops on because I was only going to wear boxers and needed some protection. I poked two holes on each side and put shoe string through them and tied knots at the end of each so it would hold up.

I then made a sign stating To: Women, From: God thus creating Gods Gift To Women! It was such a big hit at all the parties I went to. Everyone was talking about it for days after Halloween. You can also do the same exact thing and put a sign saying “My Cock In A Box”. You can put any twist on it that you would like. That is why this is simply the BEST costume to make for a cheap Halloween costume!

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