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Coolest God’s Gift To Women Costume

Each year, I take my time and come up with something funny or cool; however, this year I procrastinated and was left create a costume in a couple hours. The idea of a present came to mind, because it was easy to make. Unfortunately, a present wasn’t exactly interesting and funny. I decided to slap “From God; To Women” on the front and make it God’s Gift to Women. It only took about an hour and I ended up with one of the funniest costumes at the party.

How did I create this Homemade God’s Gift To Women Costume? I simply bought the largest most romantic looking gift bag I could find. I cut the bottom of the bag out to allow my legs to go through it. I created shoulder harnesses with gift wrapping ribbon. I then taped some gift bag tissue to the top to complete the look.

Simple, Quick, Cheap, but most of all…effective!

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