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Coolest Gift Box Costume

My four year old daughter, Katie, went as the perfect little present this year for Halloween. I handcrafted a bow for the top of her head using two spools of wired ribbon and then attached it to the top of her head with bobby pins. I drew balloons on her face to match the colorful balloon wrapping paper that was used to cover the box.

We cut the bottom out of the box and then cut arm holes and a hole in the top for her to fit her head through. After wrapping the box we slid it over her head and she put her arms through. It was easy to do and very inexpensive and she received rave reviews at the party that was held in our community. She looked adorable as well.

She is the youngest of our children and actually was quite the ‘present’ as after having a daughter and a son we thought we were done having children. Everyone loved the idea and I can’t wait to create my children’s costumes next year!

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Gift Box Costume”

  1. I love that idea! Its really easy to make and really cute. I’ve already got the wrapping paper and bows. I am going to glue the bows onto a headband so I can take it off easily. I am sure I will get a lot of comments from other trick-or-treaters!!

  2. I love that idea. This halloween me and all of my friends are going to be Chirstmas themed.(Santa, many elfs,teddy bear gift and a Christmas tree) This should fit in just great.


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