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Coolest Christmas Present Costume

I got a box and cut a few holes in it. Also got a couple shoes boxes and cut a hole in the top, which made present shoes. Printed out a label and wrapped it, and put some bows on, and voila. I was even nominated to win best costume! Cost in total about $10 to make.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

5 thoughts on “Coolest Christmas Present Costume”

  1. that is socool! I am 11 years old and was trying to find something that stands out but is easy enough to make an get around in. My friends all want to be a present too!! Thanks so much!

  2. Just a quick question. How’d you make the shoes stay in place! I’m going to be a Christmas tree for Halloween this year and was just trying to think of ways to make shoes like that!

  3. i love that, i was hoping if u could make me the same kind cuz i tried and it didn’t turn out like urs. i really love the shoes -neat idea

  4. I was thinking of making a Christmas present outfit and i googled it and now i have a good idea on what to do! but i might have the top of the box (the lid) as a hat with a big bow on it :)

    thanks for sharing ♥


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