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Coolest Homemade Beer Knight Halloween Costume

I created this homemade Beer Knight Halloween costume to put together my love of medieval armor and alcohol. I first started by creating the shield. I based it off of my fraternity’s symbol, the star shield. It is a pentagon with a star in the middle and two swords crossing behind it; in my costume the swords come off the back and can be used.

On the back of the shield I used a bag to make a way for my arm to fit through and then a hand hold so it can easily fit on my arm. I then started work on the breast plate, in which I took two 24 can boxes, taped them together, and then preceded to cut the boxes for arm holes and so it could fit comfortably. It is also clasped together in the front with Velcro, but the boxes fit together to still perfectly form the crown.

The next step was to cut out diamond shapes in the cardboard boxes to make the chain-mail. Once cut out, I would cover each individual piece with crystal clear packing tape so it would be protected and the picture on the front would not be cloudy. Then I pierced a hole in the corners of each diamond and used twist ties to tie each diamond to each other. I made it approximately a foot in length and long enough to fit around my waist. To clasp it together, I used black Velcro.

Next I made my sword which is the cardboard bud select boxes cut to fit around an already existing sword for it to be stronger and not bend or break. I can put this sword into a sheath on my back to free up my hand if needed. I then used a 24 can case and molded it into a circle to fit around my head for a helmet. To complete the helmet, I cut out the red crown to put on top.

To make the battle axe I took a long metal rod from a broken lamp and covered it with boxes to make the axe shaft. To make the axe head I took a heavy cardboard box and cut it in the shape of an axe head, which I taped onto the shaft. To give the edge a more realistic appearance, I used the thin cardboard boxes on the edges of the axe to simulate an edge.

I also made a flail by using a bamboo rod from a tiki torch covered in thin boxes to make the shaft. For the chain of the flail, I looped zip ties together and cut of the excess to give it a chain appearance. For the balls of the flail, I used ping pong balls and covered them with thin boxes that I cut in a way to give it an appearance of spikes on the corners of each.

My forearm armor is the ice crown side of the 12 pack bottle boxes that I formed with a point at the elbow, and a rounded edge at the hand. The armor is attached to the forearm with Velcro at the underside of the arm. Both forearms are symmetrical to each other. The leg armor starts where the chain-mail ends about a foot above the knee. The leg armor is above and below the knee and attaches at the back side of the knee with Velcro.

I also created greaves, using New Balance shoes and zip tying pieces of the thin cardboard to the side of the shoes. All the leg armor and the greaves are symmetrical. The gauntlets are small pieces of cardboard cut into a box with a point and twist tied together. Each finger has two links that are connected to the base that covers the top of the hand.

All together my Bud Select knight took over 40 boxes and 70+ hours to complete. All of the pieces that fit together use industrial strength Velcro, and the entire knight is covered in crystal clear packing tape to protect the integrity of the cardboard and makes it water resistant. This knight could be made with basically any beer box that comes in 24 pk cans and 12 pk bottles.

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