Coolest Homemade Bud Light Knight Costume

I don’t really remember what made me think of this homemade Bud Light knight costume idea but it came out really good. I simply made the armor out of cardboard and then glued and taped cut beer cans onto the outside. The cans are very sharp when cut open so be very careful if you make this.

The helmet is made out of an 18 pack box and I was able to find a template online for this but do not remember the site. The mace is made out of some beer cans glued together with a bunch of tabs for the chain. The shield is an old windshield out of a helicopter that I simply painted and put some cutouts off of some special edition cans. The kilt was made from cut up 30 pack boxes that were sewn onto a belt.

Now I know that I spelled Bud Lite (should be light) wrong but you have to keep in mind that the materials for this costume had to be consumed prior to being used. Haha! This homemade Bud Light knight costume got a lot of attention and everyone loved it.

Homemade Bud Light Knight Costume