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Coolest Homemade Flower Bud Costume

I made this homemade flower bud costume for my second daughter when she was 3 months old. It is an accompaniment to the hydrangea costume that I made for my other daughter.

It was pretty simple. I started with a crocheted green hat. I cut flower shapes out of felt and layered them for contrast. I sewed them onto the hat and then glued a circle in the middle to cover the sewing. For the mat I sewed up a simple leaf shape using green textured fabric and batting. After turning right side out I then sewed some “veins” on the leaf. I also added some of the flowers to the leaf mat.

I dressed her up in a simple pink onesie and wrapped her in a purple blanket. It was an easy costume and not too invasive for the baby. When we walked around I was able to hold her on the mat.

Homemade Flower Bud Costume

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