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Sexy and Funny Homemade Woman’s Halloween Costume: Coors Knight

I Googled “sexy knight” costume and ended up with a great one. Next, I FORCED myself to drink Coors Light bottles over the course of a month and I saved all the bottle caps and labels off the bottles. I purchased a shield through halloweencostumes.com and then covered the shield with the bottle caps and part of a Coors light box.

Next, I covered the knife part of my sword with the silver labels from the bottles. I also covered the wrist guards with silver bottle labels and made an arm band for up around my bicep out of a Coors light box. It was so fun and clever (if i do say so myself!) – I highly recommend! This costume could be goof for men too! The best part of the costume was the prep “work” aka having an excuse to drink Coors Light every night! The hardest part was trying to make bartenders/cocktail waitresses understand why I was asking them to save their bottle caps for me! I think they thought I was crazy!

Sexy and Funny Homemade Woman's Halloween Costume: Coors Knight: I Googled

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