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Coolest Teacher with Her Desk Costume

This teacher with her desk costume was a last minute one (made the night before the big day).  My daughter and I had been going around and around since August about what she would be.  The neighbor girl stole her previous idea and I insisted on something clever and not purchased.  She had said she wanted to be a teacher, but I kept asking her how anyone would know what she was or even think she was dressed up.  Then we saw the big box….

We had a great time with this costume.  Everyone knew what she was and that she was dressed up.  I was happy because it took some effort on her part. A success for one and all.

Coolest Teacher with Her Desk Costume
The teacher is in


The Box

I guess the key would be that the proportion is big enough to look like a desk for your child.  So the child to box/desk ratio needs to be correct.

We were really pressed for time and didn’t have what we would have wanted to use to make a better desk.  I taped the box up with the fancy duct tape to give it some sturdyness.  Then I cut a half circle so that her waist could fit in the desk. I left the side flaps on in the back to cover her bum.


The Desk Top

This is the part that I let her do.  She was 10 and good with a glue gun.  She decided on the inbox and covered it with paper and labeled it.  She continued by hot-gluing the other items to the box top; ruler, folder, pencil, tiny hour glass, and the apple. She also put her teacher name on in front.

The outfit came from her closet. The glasses came from Grandma. I put her hair up.

Coolest Teacher with Her Desk Costume
Oooo – nothing falls off


Attaching the Desk to the Kid

We used fishing line so that it wouldn’t show and would keep the desk perpendicular to her .  It was a little uncomfortable for her so I added padding under her outfit and tied the fishing line with a soft ribbon behind her neck.

  • I put 2 holes in each of the desk front corners.  1 in the top of the box and the other in the front of the box.
  • I put 2 more in the adjacent back corners.  Same idea – top and side fairly close together.
  • The last sets of holes went on either side of the waist – close to the back of the box.

Then I threaded the fishing line through all the holes in one long line – I doubled mine to be sure it wouldn’t come off.

  • I started by going from the inside of the box at the back right waist – out the side and in the top.
  • Next the back corner holes – out the side and in through the top.
  • From the top right hole, you will need to leave enough slack for the line to reach around the back of your kids neck and back in the top left front hole, out through the front left and BACK IN THE TOP hole.  This is what will help holdthe desk level.
  •  Next – the back left holes: out the back side and in through the top.
  • The last holes – out the back side and in the top and back out the side (another loop) and up to the back of neck.
  • The front corners and the back waist lines go over the sholders and behind the neck to by tied by the soft ribbon.



Coolest Teacher with Her Desk Costume
Teacher w/ desk

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