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Cutest Tiffany & Co. Woman’s Costume

I was a bit last minute with my Halloween costumes this year. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and didn’t have a lot of time (I put this together the day of), so I needed something that could be quick and cheap, but still cute! I have a crazy obsession with Tiffany’s (even my bedroom is decorated to look like a Tiffany’s box, not at all kidding). So, for Halloween this year, I made myself into a Tiffany’s box! I already had the ‘Tiffany Blue’ dress, any dress that color would work. I tied a white ribbon around my waist and used white scrapbook stickers to write “Tiffany & Co.” on my chest! It was such an easy and cheap costume and I have gotten SO many compliments on it – people were coming up to me all night obsessing over it! I mean, let’s be real, what’s better than a little blue Tiffany’s box?!

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