My daughter wanted to be the American Girl Doll Julie for Halloween.  I thought it would be cute to have her inside the box.  The first thing I did was go to FedEx to find a box (I was thrilled I found one proportionate to the original AG Doll Box).  I painted the base color and the hot pink front color is actually wrapping paper (the color was unmatchable at Lowes). The white edges are made of duct tape… a easy way to get a clean white line.  The American Girl font was enlarged on the computer and traced onto thick white paper. The stars are all created by different color paper found at Michaels. I found 2 star stamps that were about the right size. PHEW I didn’t want to cut all those out!!

I also created a duct tape shoulder straps inside so that she didn’t have to physically hold it up with her hands. I decided to have the bottom half of the front open so she could actually trick or treat and walk with a longer stride if she wanted to. I put a duct tape handle on the inside so she could close it herself as well as Velcro corners so that it would stay shut.

We were expecting rain because of Hurricane Sandy so I then laminated the entire thing to make it waterproof.  For added drama a found a battery powered light at Lowes and fastened it to the top of the costume so she was illuminated in the dark.

I looked for Julie look alike clothes for girls and found some random things on the internet.  The wig was found at a local Halloween store and the belt I made with leather lace and some beads.  Thanks!!!