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Coolest Doll In The Box Halloween Costume

My 8 year old daughter loves American Girl Dolls. And it just so happens that she looks just like Kit Kittredge. So this year for Halloween she asked to be Kit in the very Famous American Girl doll box. She wanted to look just like the doll fresh from the store and exactly like the box she arrives in.

We started this Doll in the Box Halloween costume by purchasing a box from U-Haul. We painted it AG red and then cut out the large opening on the box for the doll face hole. We stenciled the AG stars all over the box next with paint. We had saved all of our old AG paper products from previous purchases and we used them to cut and past all over the box so that it would just like the Font of the American Girl Company. So the outside of our box was complete and ready to go.

My daughter wore the exact same dress as her AG doll Kit. They had the matching “take home,” dresses just like the one Kit arrives in from the store. We covered the inside of the box with TONS of pictures of Kit. We used pictures from the AG mailing catalog.

We glued the book cover to the inside of the box so that it would appear to be included in the box set, just like the real deal AG Kit doll box set.

We had the most fun making this costume. All of the little girls at her school had a fit over this costume. She was the hit of the festival.

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  1. This is UBER adorable!!!! I love American girl dolls, but i would have never in a million years thought of that. I give an 11 out of 10 for cuteness and original-ness (if that’s a word)!!!!!


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