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Nosferatu: Scary Homemade 6 Year Old Vampire Costume

My 6 year old son wanted to be a vampire for Halloween. Yeah, Dracula is cool but even better is Count Orlok, the star of the 1922 silent film Nosferatu: A symphony of terror.

I ordered a bald cap online and used spirit gum to attach  and shape it. I found a women’s coat at a thrift shop that I sewed to fit him. The buttons are made from felt and Velcro is used to close the jacket. I made his long white fingers out of a pair of large nylons. I found a tutorial online that required a whip stitch around each finger, yeah right!

After 4 hours of that I gave up. I cut out a hand on cardboard and used the sewing machine to stitch all around the fingers. Much easier and quicker too. I used fiberfill to stuff each finger. To give him the big shoulder look, he has a bulky scarf across his shoulders and neck. For the makeup I used 99 cent cream white all over face and his head. The paint actually dries on the latex cap.

No vampire is complete with his vampire teeth, which he loved wearing all night. The real looking 2 piece set is actually more comfortable than the plastic ones. My son had a great time trick or treating and even scared a few kids.

Nosferatu: Scary Homemade 6 Year Old Vampire Costume

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