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Nerds Box and Hello Kitty DIY Costumes for Girls

Candy anyone?? My daughters wanted to be Hello Kitty and a Nerds Box one Halloween. Always a challenge with these girls!

Hello Kitty Costume

The Hello Kitty was easy. Took me a few hours. I had some old blue fabric which I sized to her body. Sewed it together…nothing fancy, just straight stitch. I glued on white felt for the buttons.

For the headband, I glued onto a headband, some cat ears I cut out from cardboard, then wrapped it in a fluffy white yard I had lying around. Done!!

Nerds Box Costume

Now the Nerds Box took a little creativity. You need: a Garden Leaf Bag, duct tape and acrylic paint.

I fit the bag to my daughters head and arms. Reinforced the hole with duct tape so I wont rip. Then I got out a Nerds box and started to draw and paint!!! End result, a tasty costume.

One of her best costume that year!

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