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Coolest Homemade Hello Kitty Costume

I wanted to be hello kitty! I looked everywhere for a cute costume, then decided to make my own homemade Hello Kitty costume. I used a balloon *the large one with the rubber band*. Blew it up as big as I could, and paper mached it. I did 4 layers. It took awhile to dry. After that I cut a hole for my head and the nose for my eyes. I used wire hangers for the ears. I paper mached the ears, then paper mached them to the head.

I used a two white towels for the fur. I cut it into smaller pieces so it would lay on the head right (applied with hot glue). I used dry wall tape for the nose because it has small holes in it. Then I spray painted it yellow.

I had an old fury pink hat, that I just tied in the middle areas to make into a big bow.

They eyes and whiskers are pieces of the white towel spray painted black also hot glued! *you could use a black towel*

Homemade Hello Kitty Costume

Homemade Hello Kitty Costume

Homemade Hello Kitty Costume

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  1. I used your idea for my 6 year old daughter’s costume. I was able to find a cat head balloon for the paper mache so I didn’t have to build the ears. She loves it.


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