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Coolest Hello Kitty DIY Costume

My 3-year old wanted to be a million things this year… but the one that I thought would be awesome to do was Hello Kitty. She was EXCITED to see the finished product!

[HEAD:] I made this out of paper Mache, I got a balloon blew it up, and squished it with some tape to get the oval effect. I placed about a good 3-4 layer, once I was done with the head, I did the ears. I used tape, and pipe cleaners to get the shape, and stuck it on with some strips of paper Mache.

I placed fabric over the head, and used sheer fabric for the eyes and nose so my daughter could see through it. For the whiskers I used pipe cleaner. Her bow was also made with hot pink glitter foam paper.

[OUTFIT:] I bought a turtle neck, some white leggings, white gloves and a pink tutu. I made her pink dress because I couldn’t find a dress or a shirt that fit the pink we were looking for. I looked every where for some cute furry boots, and no dice. So we had to settle with her Wal-Mart Hello Kitty shoes.

Everything cost no more than $20-25.00. Super cute, and we get to use her head as a bedroom decoration, or mom may be Hello Kitty next year!

Coolest Hello Kitty Costume 6

Coolest Hello Kitty Costume 6

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