How did the awesomeness that is Kitty & Keroppi’s California adventures begin?

Well, me (Anthony) and my awesome boyfriend Joe are goofballs. I personally am not a fan of sexy costumes that are supposed to show off your body more than the costume, so being a sexy caveman or sexy police officer were out of the question. For me, I like to take cute cartoons from our childhood and make the costume so bootleg that it looks creeeepy!! (I was Smurfette two years ago. My friend said I looked like a drowning victim. How mean!). Anyhow, this is our first time doing a couples themed costume. After a couple of hours of brainstorminig, I decided on mine.

I would become the infamous KeroKeroKeroppi, Hello Kitty’s cool(er) BFF.

And of course, in true Hello Kitty fashion, my boyfriend decides to steal the show and be Hello Kitty for Halloween. Fine.

Well, I’m all concept, and he’s all engineer. So, he found of a bunch of cardboard boxes and I bought us a couple of $5 helmets from Home Depot, and after about 100 pounds of rubber cement and a week’s worth of newspaper, we paper mached that *ish and “VOILA!” Kitty & Keroppi were born.

Anyhow, Halloween hasn’t happened yet, and we are so siked about costume that we deactivated our Facebooks to make sure that no one can contact us until the big day. Hopefully no one (including you guys) are disappointed!!!

Since I have about 70 more words left, I better say something memorable! Well, let’s just say that every time we have test driven the costumes in public, a certain SOMEONE has to be have the light shining all over her. So typical! Her head is way bigger than mine, and so ooooobviously, she gets folks requesting more pictures than me. But it’s all good. I know who my true fans are, and I’ve managed to find a few folks who know who the true star really is ;)