Coolest Hello Kitty Costume

Every year at the Children’s Museum where I work all the employees dress up for almost the entire month of October. My best friend and many of my (adult) co-workers love Hello Kitty so I decided that I would figure out a way to wear it. Unfortunately, as part of the rules about costumes at work, we cannot cover our faces, so that was a bit of a challenge to work around because Hello Kitty does not have a human face.

The Head:

I went online and looked up the image of Hello Kitty and then, with a lot of erasing, I drew a much larger version by hand onto regular poster board. For the hole for my face, I literally just put my face onto the poster and traced around it and then cut it out also cutting out the bottom of the circle so my chin would be free. Then with poster paint, I painted the trademark Hello Kitty face.

In order to keep the poster attached to my head, I stapled a piece of elastic to each side that was tight enough to hold it steady without falling off, for my chin strap.

(Side note, the finished product did reduce my hearing because the poster board was so large and because it completely covered my ears, so you may consider cutting ear holes into your design should you choose to do the same).

The Dress:

I could not find a pink dress that matched the paint color, so I went to a fabric store, purchased this matching fabric at a dollar a yard. Then I stitched up an easy smock dress (you can easily find the pattern online). The rest of my clothing items I purchased from Wal-Mart.

The costume was an absolute hit! I could not go more then two feet without the excited screams and giggles of “Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty.” I felt like a celebrity because I was followed, tons of people took my picture, and the visitors flagged me down every where I went.

Total Price: $22

Hello Kitty Costume

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