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Original Homemade Hello Kitty Costume

I wanted to dress up as Hello Kitty for a Childhood memories Halloween party. I found lots of examples of makeup and massive heads, but it didn’t look enough like Hello Kitty for me.

So I created this very easy mask for this Homemade Hello Kitty Costume. It’s just a big high quality pic of Hello Kitty, which I then printed and glued onto some stiff box cardboard. I then attached elastic to the back of the mask so it didn’t show from the front. I tried added eye holes but it ruined the look, so I wore it on the top of my forehead during the night, and just either put my head down or moved the mask for the photos, which looked just like a Hello Kitty sticker over my face.

The kitten paws and dress I already owned, and matched the concept perfectly.

Homemade Hello Kitty Costume

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